Do you know who is sitting next to you?

It is certainly a blessing to know and even assist parishioners whom we are familiar, but what about those we are not familiar.  Can each of us help create opportunities interact with and assist other parishioners who don’t know anyone in the parish? Although their personal situations are different, their commonality is not knowing the fellowship and compassion of the St. Jerome community.

If you don’t know the person sitting next to you, they might be:

They are attending Mass but they also need more, they need a community.

It has been a blessing to meeting these people…now friends, but it leaves me to wondering, how many more people/families attend St. Jerome and they don’t feel a part of the community.

In the spirit of St. Jerome’s hospitality and the Spirit of God, we would like the established St. Jerome parishioners to please make an effort to introduce yourselves to those people you don’t know. Make an opportunity to talk with others after Mass to get to know them. Consider providing your name and contact information and seeing if there is anything we can do to help or make them a part of our family.

Let’s demonstrate the hospitality of St Jerome!!